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ignore the scale, watch the mirror
warning: this is an older version of the program


TOTAL TONE v1 is delivered directly at the time of purchase (and by email!) in the form of a PDF package.

Just like every BRADYcore WORKOUT.

TOTAL TONE v1 from BRADYcore has one main rule: ignore the scale, watch the mirror.

TOTAL TONE v1 is for anyone who wants to be in the best shape of their life (bigger, faster, stronger, leaner, more flexible, and more dynamically responsive!), regardless of their current level of physical fitness and experience with weightlifting and physical fitness training, without the time and dedication of a daily regimen.

The ultimate goal of TOTAL TONE v1 is in the title: producing a totally toned physique, with all the strength and benefits that come with it!

No prior experience is required to follow, and get results from, TOTAL TONE v1.

Anyone new to weightlifting or physical fitness training can expect to see an almost immediate difference in strength and tone. Regardless of individual goals, a simple and consistent emphasis on TOTAL TONE v1 will continue to produce results: time (weeks and months, not days!), effort (increase your overall weight load!), dedication (trust the science!), and consistency (get in the gym!) are all it takes.

Those with some weightlifting or physical fitness training experience may not see immediate results, especially if already in good condition. However, the same rules apply: stick with TOTAL TONE v1 for at least one full completion (five weeks), put in the time, do the work, and trust the science. At the end of five weeks, you'll see improvements compared to where you began. Then, keep going!

TOTAL TONE v1 takes a science-backed, modern, and evolved perspective on results-oriented physical fitness, combining the principles of bodybuilding (hypertrophy), powerlifting, functional fitness, and tactical conditioning. No fads, trends, or garbage.

The basic foundation of TOTAL TONE v1 is the 4 + 3 rotation. As the central focus and most important part of the WORKOUT, the four mandatory DAYs ensure full body coverage to enhance strength, power, endurance, and function, providing rest and recovery. DAYs 1 through 4 train the whole body, using a combination of compound exercises, muscle isolation, and an emphasis on both the core and the trunk. Each DAY, all sets and repetitions must be completed with a maximal weight or resistance that still allows for the full and systematic completion of all exercises.

Each PART, the 4 + 3 cycle (aka a full rotation), must be completed in a single week, with passive rest days sandwiched between each of the DAYs. Although more time in the gym is preferred, passive rest days are necessary to see maximum benefit from the WORKOUT.

Each PART trains differently, to fatigue, train, and grow each DAY's targets, to avoid muscle group adaptation and training progress disruption (or plateaus). PART 1: Build is completed three times in a row (three weeks), produces muscle mass, and greatly enhances strength. PART 2: Push repeats only once (one week) and is the BRADYcore version of maximal training, pushing strength limits. PART 3: Tone is completed only once (one week), as a form of post-maximal deloading and extended active recovery. In total, the five weeks of TOTAL TONE v1 builds-in all training and recovery periods necessary to produce enhanced strength, power, endurance, and function.

Add-in an appropriate diet and supplement regimen, and the results-driven science behind TOTAL TONE v1 will quickly show results!

TOTAL TONE v1 requires only the equipment found at a regular or commercial gym.

At the most fundamental, TOTAL TONE v1 requires a barbell and plates, an EZ bar, a weight rack (or cage), dumbbells, a pull-up/chin-up bar, a heavy bag (or other form of punching bag), strength training bands, some form of upright bicycle (not recumbent), and some form of a dip station.

TOTAL TONE v1 from BRADYcore is a simple, straightforward, and barebones way to access, learn, and execute a great WORKOUT.

TOTAL TONE v1 provides all of the basics for a high-end, high-performance WORKOUT: instructions, TRACKER SHEETs, and DAY, WEEK, and PROGRAM progressions.

Each DAY of the WORKOUT identifies (for each individual exercise) all sets, reps, suggested rest, required equipment, grip, position, modifications, and duration (where applicable).

warning: this is an older version of the program
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