created/presented by Kyle R. Brady, CTCC, CTCS, CPT

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BRADYcore creates a weights-and-cardio, science-backed workout of the day, designed using the best principles of strength and tactical conditioning and fitness, making it suitable for everyone from beginners to weekend warriors to first responders. Anyone can use BRADYcore!

When using BRADYcore, you'll soon see a lasting improvement in your muscle mass, muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness, energy levels, and more!


There's no need to track or customize workouts, when you use BRADYcore. Just generate your workout and complete all the tasks!

BRADYcore ensures you receive a carefully-designed, complete, and full-body experience.


Use whatever you have!

When you start a workout, select the equipment available to you and BRADYcore will adjust.

(Pre-planned workouts don’t currently allow equipment selection/modification.)


Your privacy is protected. No data is sold or shared by BRADYcore. Ever.


BRADYcore is provided as-is and may be used only as intended. No warranty or guarantees are provided or made.

BRADYcore assumes no liability or risk for any user actions.


BRADYcore is built on the AppGyver development platform from SAP (beginning with the v1.1.0 release in July 2021), with cloud-based logic and architecture. Languages used include React/React Native, Javascript, and Kotlin.

Google Firebase and Google Cloud is used by BRADYcore for secure web, image, and file hosting; secure user authentication and user data storage; secure cloud-based query processing; secure cloud database storage; and secure web and app analytics (with Google Analytics integrated for ease-of-use).

Exercise descriptions, instructions, videos, and GIFs for BRADYcore are courtesy of the ACE Fit Exercise Library, Jefit’s exercise database, and the FIT CARROTS exercise library.

The original v1.0.1 BRADYcore release in May 2021 was built on the AppSheet development platform from Google, using their no-code environment and an external/online spreadsheet-based exercise database.